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In the world of barcoding and label design, Teklynx stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. The company offers a range of software that caters to the needs of businesses, both big and small. In this blog, we delve into the specifics of each Teklynx software and who they’re best suited for.

  1. TEKLYNX LABELVIEW Pro Barcode Label Software License (Single-User-Perpetual) LVPRO1VOL @ $562 USD

LABELVIEW Pro is the entry-level product in Teklynx’s lineup, providing an intuitive interface for barcode and label design. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, LABELVIEW Pro offers a range of features including support for over 100 barcode symbologies, easy database connections, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the design process.

  1. TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX PowerPro Barcode Label Software License (Single-User Perpetual) LMPPR1VOL @ $604 USD

A step up from the LABELVIEW Pro, LABEL MATRIX PowerPro is designed to handle the demands of larger businesses with complex labeling needs. Offering more advanced database integration capabilities, it’s the go-to choice for businesses with high-volume printing needs or those requiring a higher degree of customization in their labels.

  1. TEKLYNX LABELVIEW Gold Barcode Label Software License (Single-User-Perpetual) LVGLD1VOL @ $1123 USD

The LABELVIEW Gold is for businesses with intricate labeling requirements. It offers sophisticated features like RFID support, VB scripting, and the ability to interface with enterprise systems. If your business has a complex supply chain or needs advanced traceability, LABELVIEW Gold is a perfect fit.

  1. TEKLYNX CODESOFT Pro Barcode Label Software (Single-User- Perpetual License) CSPRO1VOL @ $932

Designed for enterprises, CODESOFT Pro offers the highest level of customization and control. With advanced label design and integration features, it provides the tools needed to create highly customized labels that comply with industry standards. Its enhanced printing performance and multiple-user support make it suitable for large-scale operations.

Remember, each software caters to unique needs. So, take the time to understand your business requirements before making a decision. For more information, visit the OmegaBrands website or contact our sales team. We’re here to help you find the most suitable label design solution for your business.